Okanagan Spring Brewery Packaging & Complete Brand Identity
You are losing share to the imports and drinkers describe you as tired, stale, boring and “my dad’s beer”. How do you reintroduce the consumer to the values of craft beer? You help them “Know Your Beer”.

Discovery & Strategy
Packaging System
Complete Brand Identity
Point-of-Sale & Displays
Trade & Consumer Materials
Brand Standards

Okanagan Spring Brewery: Complete Identity + PackagingSystemBrand Strategy, Audits, Logomark, Packaging System (Bottles, Cans, Cartons),Identity Platform, Print Collateral, Posters & Point-of-Sale, On-PremiseBranding, Taphandles, Coasters, Glassware, Wearables, Stationery, Templates,Corporate & On-Premise Signage, Brand Standards Manual.
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